JuJuBee: I'm not satisfied with one four year old, I need 15 or so.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm not satisfied with one four year old, I need 15 or so.

So it would seem that I am going back to teaching preschool. LittleJuJu will be starting school in mid-September and I will have extra time, and lets face it...I need to get out of the damn house. As much fun as it is to be home with my kiddo, it's gotten to the point where I just need a change. I have not completely convinced myself that I want to go back into the whole daycare/preschool scene...it is tough. It can be harrowing. It can also be a blast. Let's hope that all of the idle threats that I have come to rely on since I have been home will be as effective on my class as they are on LittleJuJu. A few of my favorites :

  • If you eat another cookie, your belly might explode, then we can't go outside to play!
  • We are not playing Go Fish again. Five games is the limit. It's the law. Do you want mommy to go to jail?
  • McDonalds is closed today, sweetie.
  • If you are not in bed by 8:00, Santa will know. Santa sees everything. Sshhhh...did you hear that?!
  • We don't have any more ice cream, DADDY ate it all.
  • If your room is not clean in 10 minutes (and I am setting the timer) everything goes in the garbage. we all know that these toys bought with our hard earned money will never see the trash can
  • Fine, if you don't like it anymore I will find some other child who will.
  • Don't pick your nose, you finger will fall off.
  • Sweetie, <insert favorite cartoon character or celebrity idol here> wears shoes just like this!

Wow. I could go on all day. It is kinda sad, is it not? My poor child. He will grow up to be a paranoid, anxious man. The power though. THE POWER!

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