JuJuBee: Here, let me just lay under this doormat here...

Friday, September 03, 2004

Here, let me just lay under this doormat here...

I was just visiting over at RudeCactus and the subject of shoes came up. Since then I have been forced to analyze why it is that I wear shoes ALL OF THE TIME. There has to be some reason that I just feel more comfortable with my shoes on...these are the things that keep me up most nights, people.

In my search I have also uncovered another habit of mine that eats away at me. As was proved today, I have a small problem ( though it is a gigantic inconvenience) with hurting people's feelings. I have a problem saying "no". I am a people-pleaser. I know many people with this problem, some cases more extreme than others, but this is something about myself that I MUST work on. It can be the smallest thing:

Well meaning complimentor: " Oh JuJuBee, what a beautiful necklace you are wearing!"
Me: " Oh god, thank you! Well, you know....here....you take it....really no, it's all yours, I can see how much you love it."

Or it can be a bigger thing:

Which I won't go into because you would be surprised at the length I would go to in order not to disappoint.

Anywho, it seems as though my quiet evening has just inherited some new plans so I must be going...What's the dumbest thing you have done to spare someone's feelings?

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