JuJuBee: Happy Labor Day !

Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day !

It's another day, a fresh start and believe you me...I am grateful. With the craziness behind me I am happy to start my day with a relaxing browse through my blogroll, a hot cup of coffee and some peace and quiet. I will soon go sit on the porch in the warm sunshine and call my mom to chat. Ahhhhh.

How will you be celebrating Labor Day? We will be going to an office picnic at the university where Mr. JuJuBee works to watch an exciting game of Basketball Players against Athletic Staff Members. Should be hilarious. If LittleJuJu is on good behavior, I think it will be a fun day. Looking forward to lots of yummy food and holding other people's babies. I have a tendency to gravitate toward the babies in these sorts of social situations and then snatch them away from their unsuspecting mammas. I know of two right off hand that I will have the pleasure of snatching. Mmm, babies...

In other news, I had the worst nightmare last night involving my biggest, hugest, most awful scary phobia in the entire world which I would never come right out and say because who knows what someone might be able to do with such information. I will say that these things are creepy crawly and eight legged. I cannot shake this dream....* shiver*

Happy Labor Day, Blogosphere ! Enjoy your day!

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