JuJuBee: "Aha," it thought. "So that's how it is!"

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"Aha," it thought. "So that's how it is!"

Shel Silverstein put my thoughts into words.

Since we have began our pilgrimage into preschool, life has been....hectic. Not in the sense that we need to rush about getting people to certain places at certain times and juggle schedules. Oh no. Not at all. In fact, school doesn't start until September 14th. I am having some issues with the other aspects of preschool. PAPERWORK. I am one of those people who rather enjoys filling out form after form of the same damn information over and over again. It is busy, mindless work. Name. Address. City. State. Easy enough, right? Sure. Until you lose said paperwork and it is one day before said paperwork is due at your first parent/teacher meeting. Way to make a fist impression. In fact...I am only speculating that the meeting is in fact, tomorrow. This information can be found in the pile of paperwork that is hiding, taunting me and driving me insane.

Now onto the really tricky part. I also have an interview tomorrow. An interview for a preschool teaching position. If I do get this job and I feel that I am over-qualified and will indeed, then we have a whole new problem. Little JuJuBee will have to attend MY preschool. I won't be able to run him to and from the preschool that he is enrolled in now and also be at work so the obvious solution would be to attend preschool where I will be and then spend some time in the adjoining daycare while I am working. So...to recap:

I have a parent/teacher meeting tomorrow with a school that LittleJuJuBee may or may not be attending and I have no clue where the forms are that I need to take along.

I also have an interview that will determine where my son needs to actually be going to school in one week. ONE WEEK.

I am feeling rather helpless. Do you see the dilemma here?

Onto search for those godforsaken papers some more....Is this how it will be?

Oh yes, and I am all loopy on cold medicine to boot and feel like I am going to jitter right out of my skin any minute.

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