JuJuBee: 2.5 Hours

Thursday, September 16, 2004

2.5 Hours

As I mentioned in the last post, my Dahling hubby came home and surprised us before leaving for preschool, so after we dropped LittleJuJu off, we headed to the bookstore to browse and read and drink expensive coffee with the other people who either have no jobs, or no children or who were also enjoying the small chunk of freetime alotted to them as their children were in school. So really, today will be my first day of "freedom" while LittleJuJu is in school. YeeHAW!

Ok well... after the trip to the store, after I return a movie, after I buy stamps and make a few phone calls, THEN whatever is left of the 2.5 hours is total easy, maxin relaxin. We walk to school...it is about 10 minutes one way. Ok so after those 20 minutes of walking and all of the errands....THEN I enjoy the awesome JuJuBee alone time. Right.
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