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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm a package deal...and that's ok.

Three years ago yesterday my best friend, Dana, and I decided that we would take my Littlejuju, then 20 months old to his very first major league baseball game. I was living with my mom as a single mother outside of Pittsburgh. I had always worried what sort of effect not having his father around would have on my son. I felt strongly that I needed to be a daddy as well as a mommy and thought, "Hey! A baseball game! I will do the fatherly thing and take my boy to a game!" I was quite a fan of baseball, having grown up with a father who was all but obsessed with sports, we went to countless games during my childhood. It only felt right to want to instill the same love for the game in my son.

We had planned to go earlier in the week and decided against it because of some weather issues. As fate would have it we went on a beautiful Thursday evening. There was a slight chill in the air and the breeze carried the sounds of fans and the smell of beer and hot dogs WAY up into the air where we were sitting in the most awful seats in the whole park. After we had become light headed from the altitude and dizzy from the smell of the cheap perfume that the woman in front of us had bathed in seemingly only minutes before we decided to move, figuring we would just take a walk and slip into some seats closer to the field.

As it seems to happen in a small world, we ran into an old co-worker of Danas' from Allegheny College where she was an admissions counselor. We will call him Marty because that is his real name. Marty was standing in the food line with his girlfriend when we saw him and said our "hellos" and "how do you dos". Turns out that Marty had some awesome seats with his roommate and another girl and would we like to come sit with them? WELL YES OF COURSE WE WOULD, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

We followed Marty down to his awesome seats and stole someone else's awesome seats right in front of their awesome seats. I turned around to be introduced to Cute roommate Guy and his date? Or his not-date? Who knew. He didn't seem to be extremely interested in her. We all chatted and conversed and shared food and laughed. I noticed Cute roommate Guy was way more interested in talking to Dana and I than he was in talking to the Date-Not-Date. Interesting.

While Marty did his best to stuff my child full of french fries I observed Dana and Cute Roommate Guy talking hushed and glancing at me quite a bit. I would later find out that he was asking her all about me and she had done her best to warn him that I indeed was a package deal. I was in an awkward place in my life with a small child. This did not seem to phase Cute Roommate Guy one bit and Dana (who was quite protective of me and Littlejuju) was certainly impressed by this.

During this time we had managed to make plans to get together for a concert during the Labor Day weekend. As the game ended we said our "goodbyes" and "nice to meet yous" and ascended the stairs. I glanced back and noticed that Cute roommate Guy was definitely watching me walk away. Glanced back again and yep, he was still watching. He watched almost the entire time we were leaving the park and until I was out of view. I was smitten. I was smiling.

I grilled Dana the whole way home as to what was said during that game and what did she know about him and did she think we could make it to the concert and did she think he would go and was the girl his date or his not-date? I was obnoxious.

This was three years ago. I did go to that concert and he went to that concert. We fell in love. We lived two hours from each other and because of that we dated over the phone and saw each other on weekends. Later, we moved in together. We got engaged.We married. Our lives changed. He became a father, a husband. I became a wife. I have never been happier.

I love you Jeff and thank you for sharing your awesome seats and your life with me.

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