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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Four Year Gap

Apparently Haloscan was not in favor of keeping all of my old comments when I made the switch, so now it appears as though noone cares about what I have to say, when indeed they DID care and even commented to prove it. Now...gone. I weep for my lost comments, wherever they are.

I digress. On a happier note, the sun has decided to come out today! The morning was gray, ugly and depressing. It seems as though some days my mood depends entirely on the weather. If the sun is hiding, I am hiding. I have no motivation to do anything. If the sun is shining, I suddenly feel as though I just woke up from a long refreshing nap. So now that I have had my nap my day shall begin. At 1:11 pm.

Speaking of depressing and gray and ugly days, I have been thinking alot about
Dooce since reading her entry the other day. I happened to drop by Blurbomat and he has an uplifting update on things. It really hits home to think about how parenthood affects every aspect of your life. Every cell of your being will suddenly twist,contort and take on a new role as you become a parent. You are told not to lose yourself when you have a child, that you're to hold on to the part of you that existed before parenthood to somehow center yourself and ease the transition from one stage to the other. How can you possibly go from being childless to being a mother or father without that sense of, "Holy shit! What am I doing!". It is impossible. Some of us have a harder time than others but we who are parents know the feeling of helplessness that parenthood can hold over you. I suppose when you finally think to yourself that you might be able to do it again is the turning point. It took me four and a half years to be able to admit that I was ready to endure the blessing and torture that is parenthood again. At least I think I may be ready.
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