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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bullets: Wednesday Wonderings

  • Is it normal for Mr. JuJu to have only two set bedtimes occuring at either 8:00 pm or 1:00 am? There really is no compromise on this one. It is one or the other.
  • Why does LittleJuJu insist on hugging/picking up/kissing/squeezing and torturing our cat when she SCRATCHES and HISSES at him everytime?
  • Why does our cancer inflicted neighbor refuse to stop mowing the lawn even though he needs to wear an oxygen tank on his back and lay down on the grass every few minutes to catch his breath?
  • Will I be ok when LittleJuJu starts his first day of preschool in September?
  • Will I be ok if he doesn't start preschool in September?
  • Is it possible to develop an addiction to mashed potatoes? Not that I believe that I may be addicted, you know, just asking.
  • Should I be feeling guilty about taking this picture of LittleJuJu?

Fun things to do with sprinklers
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